Benefits of ergofile

This fabulous type of glass nail file was developed in cooperation with nail salons, specialists in ergonomics and designers. It is characterized by a special U-shaped grinding groove situated in the inner arc of the file. Protected by European Union design patent RCD 002403295.

Unique U-shaped grinding groove

Grinding groove of the ergofile is adequately deep and ergonomically shaped, follows nail curve and thus facilitates precise and fast filing. The grinding surface is situated inside a groove, which ensures a better protection from dirt coming from the environment. That is why the ergofile is much more hygienic than standard files. Briefly, compared to classical files the ergofile provides more comfortable and more effective filing.

Ergonomic design

Thanks to our cooperation with specialists this file acquired not only an ergonomic groove, but also an ergonomic outer shape. This special shape saves your time - due to large gripping area it ensures very comfortable holding, fast manipulation and the maximal efficiency of filing. The abrasive surface is situated entirely outside the gripping area therefore skin on fingers does not tire out and does not get rubbed away.

File for everybody

Ergofile is excellent for both professional and home usage. Rounded shape of the file enhances its safety, so it is recommended for all ages including children and seniors and you can even take it to the airplane. Thanks to its inventive design the ergofile can serve as an original gift, thanks to the large gripping area it is advantageous also for promo purposes.

Ergofile has all advantages of standard glass nail files

Ergofile has chemically etched abrasive surface, having uniformly distributed sharp micro-spikes, thanks to that treatment of your nails is careful and of good quality. Moreover, grinding elements are formed right out of the glass body therefore the abrasive surface does not blunt or wear out. Ergofile is made from glass, an inert material, that is why it is health-safe and ecological. Ergofile is also sterilizable and thus meets the highest hygienic standards.

Two different shapes

Ergofile is available in two different elegant and unique shapes - bow (EFB) and drop (EFD). While ergofile bow has the grinding groove on both sides of the file, ergofile drop has the grinding groove in the inner curve of the file.