Ergofile decorations

Ergofile can be decorated by a number of methods. Besides colouring, its shape and big surface is perfect for logo printing, or applying photos and other designs by photoprinting. You can also have a luxurious version with crystal stone decorations.

Colour application

Colour application belongs nowadays already to traditional decoration ways of glass nail files. Particular colours can be applied on ergofiles. The range of standard colours is very wide so that everybody can choose. Nevertheless we are also able to prepare almost any colour by customer‘s request according to the Pantone standards.
Colour is applied onto the ergofile by spraying; the spray is carried out so that the colour covers the full surface of the ergofile. After applying the colour, the ergofiles are burned in a furnace at the temperature round 200 °C, while the colour matures and gains durability. All the used colours are ecological water-soluble colours.

Silk - screen printing

This technology guarantees high quality of even highly detailed designs. The designs can be printed in arbitrary colour on both clear and coloured ergofiles.
This technique is the most often used for logo printing. Thanks to the large gripping area, the ergofiles are perfect for promo purposes. Full coloured logos and designs could be applied on the whole surface by photoprinting.


Due to a special technology any picture, photograph or drawing can be added on gripping area of ergofiles. Therefore a large variety of customized designs can be made. Thanks to the large gripping area, ergofiles are tailor-made for this technique.
This technology does not require any printing matrixes so it is also suitable for printing of smaller series.

Crystal stone decorations

Decoration with crystal stones transforms the ergofile into an luxurious accessory. Each file is processed individually. Handwork insisting on a high precision and accuracy is done by skilled and educated workers only.
On the ergofile you can choose from designs with well-known Swarovski crystal stones or with crystal stones produced by other traditional jewellery manufacturers. Beside standard designs also customized designs on customer‘s requests can be produced.