Production of ergofile

Ergofile is made from glass and undergoes the same production process as standard crystal glass nail files. Its U-shaped grinding surface is chemically etched and formed of microscopic spikes, which are very sharp and very regularly spread over the surface. This ensures that filling is considerate to nails, and efficient at the same time. The user does not have an uncomfortable feeling while filing and nails are left perfectly smooth and do not split or peel after treatment. In this regard the ergofile provides the same advantages as glass nail files. Moreover the manipulation with ergofile is very easy and safe.

Each ergofile is made of flat glass which is cut into pieces. The grinding groove is manually carved out in each piece. The production of the rough surface comprises innovative technologies that are protected as our know-how. After the rough surface is formed, the intermediates are processed with typical glass processing technologies, while a major part of them are hand techniques.

First each product is grinded in order to form the final shape. Grinding is hand made. Next, the product is visually checked and prepared for further refining (colouring, photo printing, silk printing, applying stones decorations etc.) or packaging.

Colouring of the files is done as a decoration technology step in the terminal stages of production. Special colours for glass are applied onto the files that are further subjected to heat treatment in order to increase the robustness of the colours.

After files have been decorated, they are subjected to 100% check-up, and packed.